Setup Wizard


SamLogic Visual Installer  v.9.5

SamLogic Visual Installer is an easy-to-use installation software / setup tool that creates a setup wizard in minutes. Via the setup wizard your end-user can install your files in his/her computer effortlessly.

Setup Installer Software

Setup installation program generates executable setup wizard with several customization options including product name, version, agreement text, copyright text, installation folder & company name. Setup extractor utility creates small size setup for your


Outlook Profile Generator

The IntelliAdmin Profile Generator is a command line program that can be called from your logon script. It creates an Microsoft Exchange Profile automatically so you never need to walk users through the setup wizard again.


liteRecorder allows users to record audio from any type of streaming or non-streaming media to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. liteRecorder Audio Setup Wizard detects the sound card installed on the users computer, and automatically configures for the best

PureSync  v.3.5.0

Synchronize files and folders - with preview and many filters. FTP. A setup wizard helps to easily setup a new synchronization or backup. Synchronization can be started automatically e.g. when a USB drive is plugged in or a file has been modified.

Let's Clean Up! Plus  v.7 1

Let's Clean Up! is easy to use. First you enter information into the program about your chores and how often you plan to do them. This New Schedule Setup Wizard makes it simple to create your initial list.

IrCOMM2k  v.2.0

To install IrCOMM2k, simply start the executable. The contained setup wizard will guide you through the installation steps. The enclosed file Readme.txt outlines briefly how to build the driver.

InterNetSetUpWizard  v.1.0

The NetDotCom Internet Setup Wizard makes it very easy to setup any Windows computer to get online with NetDotCom. The required information to be entered includes: - Full Name : Your first name, first & last name, nickname, initials, etc.

Erply Point of Sale for Windows  v.3 3

Get automatic setup wizard. There is no longer a need for difficult communication with IT personnel. Be the best retailer not the best IT-guy. Automated POS software updates. Your system is updated all the time. No update costs required!

Buzz 3D VideoChat Plus!  v.1.00

It's 2 Programs in 1 : VideoChat (1-to-1 audio & video chat, Personal Address Book, BuzzCard invite-a-friend, NAT Router / LAN Support and easy setup Wizard), and VideoChat Plus! (High Quality Audio / Video Group Chat,

Eudora  v.8.0.0 Beta 9

This program is an Email client that supports multiple Email accounts, plug-ins, drag-and-drop, mail filtering and IMAP. It can be used as Netscape's default Email client and includes a setup wizard.

FireSync  v.1.5.1

Synchronize files and folders, backup files, copy files from a digital camera to your computer with ease. With preview of what is synchronized, many filters. A setup wizard helps to easily start a new synchronization or backup.

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